Republican first ladies never have had to fear the torment and spite that Michelle Obama has endured because, frankly, the kinder left-of-center folk are not prone to gutting political spouses as they are very cognizant of the fact that spouses said “I do” decades previously and did not opt to run for political spouse or, in the case of Michelle Obama, political piñata.

Let me give you one example of liberal restraint…well, not restraint, but damn good manners.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1963 at 8:00 p.m. 17 year old Laura Bush (nee Walsh) drove through a Texas stop sign at 55 mph. Her car T-boned another car, which had the right of way, killing the teenage driver, Laura’s ex-boyfriend.

During the presidential campaigns of 2000 and 2004, the kinder folks could have used Laura Bush’s tragic accident as political fodder. They maliciously could have cast all kinds of aspersions….formed innuendo upon innuendo…penned many lies …using the right wing hate mongers as role models.

Imagine talk radio a-buzz with the following:
Beck: “Being that he was an ex-boyfriend, do you suppose that Laura was jealous?” O’Keefe: “You mean she could have killed him on purpose?” Breitbart: “Wasn’t she drunk and/or high on weed? Didn’t the rangers find crack in the back seat of the car?” Rush: “Was the slut removing her underpants while driving to get ready for a poke-party at the drive-in movie theater?” O’Reilly: “So that’s why she was out on a school night. I bet the little bitch climbed out of her bedroom window. Did the rangers find her vibrator?” O’Keefe: “Why did her parents let her go to a drive-in?“ Coulter: “Obviously, they were negligent parents. Her Texas-trash parents don’t give a shit!” Malkin: “I don’t either. She’s over 12. I only smear kids 12 or younger.”

Missing from the statements above is the right-wing’s visceral vitriol because mimicking their innate cruelty is extremely difficult…if not impossible…for normal people.

Yet, the right wing continues. Fox viewers…the very people Fox has nurtured with hate ever since Reagan’s presidency….caused Fox to shut down its comment section (5.1.2016) due to the extreme ugliness expressed toward a 17 year old girl (gasp!) …..Malia Obama….upon a mere two line announcement about Malia’s college plans. The comments were horrific….really unimaginable. Fortunately, a website captured a slice of the comments for proof that Fox Entertainment LLC (its legal name) has encouraged hate, hate speech, racial epitaphs, false facts (well, no facts in most cases), societal genocide, misogyny, etc. to make a profit. Fox business formula: hate sells, love does not.

BTW: I wish to apologize to Laura Bush for writing about a horrible accident. This is the first time I have allowed myself to stoop to the low level of the repubs. Slighting first spouses is not my style.


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